With our reliable IT infrastructure, already in place, we can get you up and running before you know it.

If you like we can issue your telephone numbers and take your calls even before you move in. There are no hidden charges, that means no mark ups, even on telephone rates. We offer a full range of telecommunication and internet access packages and solutions to suit all sizes of businesses.


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IT Support Available

Our IT administrator and team are continuously working to ensure reliable high speed broadband internet access.

If you require individual or entity support such as PC configuration, upgrades or general assistance our technicians can be booked to assist you. We will ensure billing is correct on your monthly invoice

Internet Services

Broadband using high speed cable access.

We review your internet access requirements with you in order to provide the most suitable configuration. You can choose the configuration you prefer or we have standard packages we can recommend. In addition, your plan can be further tailored to your needs as your requirements change.

Choice of high speed access rates:

256 kb/sec
512 kb/sec
1024 kb/sec

Complimentary uploads. Downloads at synchronous speeds.

Choice of the amount of free download

256 megabytes
400 megabytes
1 gigabyte
3 gigabytes
10 gigabytes

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